Russian Internet Research Agency Facebook Ads

The House Intelligence Committee released 3,517 Facebook ads that were reported to have been bought by the Russian Internet Research Agency as a set of redacted PDF files.

This tool lets you search and browse through those ads.

Example searches: black lives matter, patriot

You can sort the adverts by $USD equivalent spent to see where the most money went. Conversion from rubles is calculated at 0.016 dollar per ruble.

One of the most interesting aspects of this data is the Facebook targeting options that were used. You can explore the most frequent targets and see which adverts were assigned based on which targeting options.

Interested in the total spend? Here it is, broken down by currency.

Full background on this project can be found on my blog: Analyzing US Election Russian Facebook Ads

A big thanks to Ed Summers who built the code that extracts raw information and metadata from the PDFs released by Congress.

The code by Simon Willison that loads that data into this Datasette instance is available on GitHub.

Advanced feature: search by Python compatible regular expression:

Data source: simonw/russian-ira-facebook-ads-datasette


40,947 rows in 3 tables, 7,238 rows in 5 hidden tables - 2 views

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