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50 data/2016-06/P(1)0000022.pdf images/50.png 6555 92618 Black Matters 4 Cops On 1 Teen: Brutality Against Juveniles L. A. County probation officers brutalize teen in detention center. Fox News Hosts Believe Charleston Shooting Wasn’t Hate Crime “Fox & Friends” hosts declare that the shooting was motivated by religious hatred towards Christians, but not racism. Brutal Alabama Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen Holding Cellphone A mobile police officer fatally shot a 19-year-old black teen, Michael Moore, during a traffic stop Monday, June 13 in Toulminville, Alabama. Black Matters https://blackmattersus.com/ 13458.49 RUB 2016-06-21T07:09:02-07:00  

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