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1 row where an ad_target was people_who_match:interests:Gay Rights

id img targeting impressions clicks url text spend_usd spend_amount spend_currency created ended
566 location:united_states:Kansas, age:14 — 65+, placements:News Feed on desktop computers, placements:News Feed on mobile devices, people_who_match:interests:Rainbow flag (LGBT movement), people_who_match:interests:LGBT rights by country or territory, people_who_match:interests:Gay Rights, people_who_match:interests:Lesbian community, people_who_match:interests:LGBT community, people_who_match:interests:LGBT Equality, people_who_match:interests:Same-sex marriage in the United States, people_who_match:interests:Same-sex marriage, people_who_match:interests:LGBT social movements 7159 318 https://www.facebook.com/events/533144703560571/ Westboro baptist church is planning to stand against tolerance in education system near LG Westboro Baptist Church counter protest 53.1184 3319.90 RUB 2016-05-16T07:50:43-07:00 2016-05-22T07:19:00-07:00

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CREATE VIEW display_ads AS 
        select ads.id,
            case when image is not null then
                json_object("img_src", "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/umd-mith/irads/master/site/" || image, "width", 200)
                "no image"
            end as img,
                    "label", targets.name,
                    "href", "/russian-ads/display_ads?_target="
                        || urllib_quote_plus(targets.id)
            ) as targeting,
            ads.impressions, ads.clicks, ads.url, ads.text,
                when ads.spend_currency == "RUB" then ads.spend_amount * 0.016
                else ads.spend_amount
            end as float) as spend_usd,
            ads.spend_amount, ads.spend_currency,
            ads.created, ads.ended
        from ads
            join ad_targets on ads.id = ad_targets.ad_id
            join targets on ad_targets.target_id = targets.id
        group by ads.id
        order by ads.id
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