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1 row where an ad_target was people_who_match:interests:Police brutality in the United States or Stop Police Brutality

id img targeting impressions clicks url text spend_usd spend_amount spend_currency created ended
1693 location:united_states:Michigan, age:13 - 65+, placements:Instagram Feed, people_who_match:interests:Police brutality in the United States or Stop Police Brutality, people_who_match:interests:Multicultural Affinity: African American (US) 33183 1 https://www.facebook.com/BIackluive-1725227467722991/ We are looking for brave people who are ready to help our movement, who are creative and active, if you are one of such people, just let us know! Comment below or DM! 88.08352000000001 5505.22 RUB 2016-05-05T08:21:51-07:00  

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CREATE VIEW display_ads AS 
        select ads.id,
            case when image is not null then
                json_object("img_src", "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/edsu/irads/03fb4b/site/" || image, "width", 200)
                "no image"
            end as img,
                    "label", targets.name,
                    "href", "/russian-ads/display_ads?_target="
                        || urllib_quote_plus(targets.id)
            ) as targeting,
            ads.impressions, ads.clicks, ads.url, ads.text,
                when ads.spend_currency == "RUB" then ads.spend_amount * 0.016
                else ads.spend_amount
            end as float) as spend_usd,
            ads.spend_amount, ads.spend_currency,
            ads.created, ads.ended
        from ads
            join ad_targets on ads.id = ad_targets.ad_id
            join targets on ad_targets.target_id = targets.id
        group by ads.id
        order by ads.id
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